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Favourite Photo Friday – A sad day with happy memories




It was a bit of an emotionally mixed up day in our household today. Mr Fix-It’s Nanna passed away in England and suddenly everyone felt a very VERY long way away from one another.

His Nanna had been unwell for many years, and in all honesty her mind had left this earth quite some time ago, but the finality of her life being over was still a tough pill to swallow for everyone.

This photo is one I took at Point Cartwright, one of Nanna’s favourite places to visit whenever she was out here on one of her long and very enjoyable visits. This photo shows the Point at one of its wildest, following a storm. It’s pretty much how we’re all feeling at the moment.

If the weather plays nicely this is where we’ll be spending Sunday, as a family, remembering Nanna as she was – vibrant, loving and with a wicked sense of humour.

RIP Nanna Green.

Oopsiemumma xo


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  1. Sorry to hear of your family’s loss. I hope the sun shines on Sunday so you can enjoy some family time and all the wonderful memories you have.

  2. Oh… know the feeling. My Mum’s mum had dementia and we mourned her for a long time before we finally said goodbye. Didn’t make it any easier… a feeling of release maybe on her behalf, but still so poignant as we farewelled a very special human being.

  3. So sorry, I hope Sunday is a chance for you to remember lots of good times with your Nanna.


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