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This Mumma gig seems to be a very steep, slippery, learning curve so I tend to say ‘oops’ a LOT, my toddler is a good listener and has been known to say “oopsie mumma”, see where I’m going with this?

Mr Fix-It and I found each other and got married some 13 years ago, we now have a handsome, talented, stubborn Munchkin Seven and a cuddly, gorgeous, fiery Munckin Two.

In a previous life I was a journalist, and dare I say it, government spin doctor (some days I spun so fast I got dizzy – but I never knowingly lied about anything, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t ever fed a fib or two).

Before we had our bubs, Mr Fix-It and I spent two interesting (read: fun, scary, magical, isolating) years on a small island in Norway and backpacked Europe together – the travel bug is still strong within us!

So, if you’re a PR company and want me to write some amusing family travel blogs (they’d definitely be amusing because I’ve never managed a trip without a mishap), then I’m waiting by the letterbox for the plane tickets, our bags are packed and ready. Just saying.

Some things you should know about me:

  • I sometimes jump on my soapbox but I’m getting a bit old to safely get down from it, so it doesn’t happen very often, you’re pretty safe here
  • I’m a born again christian (read: happy clappy smiley nut) but I won’t ever preach to you, I’m just letting you know incase an “Amen” or “Hallelujah!” slips out every now and again
  • I’m trying to live as eco-friendly and toxic free as possible…I did say trying.

Please leave comments on my blogs…lots of comments. They make me feel like someone cares. But if you use offensive language I’ll have to delete your comments –  my kids might read this one day and I can’t threaten to wash their mouths out with soap but not yours – hypocritical!




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  1. i need to have a copy of your bottle tree photo (the one from the trunk on up, thru leaves)
    HUge new fan.
    JP, founder of WOMBATS
    over ere in USA (never been to OZ, but some day)


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