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Delusion and reality – a school holiday tale

20130301oopsiemummasurfersparadiseBEFORE the school holidays started I was all excited and dreamy about the awesome eight weeks that the kidlets and I would spend together exploring the city, sniffing out new parks, frolicking in the sand on a beach escape, cooking up a Christmas storm and the craft, oh the craft we were going to do!

I think I may have come down with a touch of holiday delusion.

I was relishing the fact that I wouldn’t have to do four 25 minute drives a day, that the mum taxi would be “out of order”, that I didn’t have to panic each morning when I had no bread for school lunches and there would be no homework arguments for eight whole weeks.

What I completely forgot to remember is that I’d have two children under the age of eight, home with me 24/7 for EIGHT WHOLE WEEKS.

I LOVE my kids. I do. I do. I do. But that amount of time spent together is pushing the boundaries my friends.

Our holidays came with a dose of reality that went a little more like this:

  • Exploring the city was a quick trip to the museum, followed by a quicker trip to see Santa at the Myer centre and then getting the hell outta there;
  • We stumbled across a new park while on a short break at the Sunshine Coast.
  • We “frolicked” in the sand as we were blown by gale force winds, battling to hold our sunshelter down, burning to a crisp and dodging blue bottles;
  • The Christmas cooking was days of frantically throwing together food and yelling at the kids to get out of the kitchen because mummy is in a hurry;
  • and I’m pretty sure I broke out the paints for Miss Princess to play with only once. You all know I don’t do craft, I clearly got caught up in the pre-Christmas crafty spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had some really fun times these holidays catching up with friends, seeing a few movies, lots of playing in the pool, plenty of cuddle time and some family beach escapes, but please someone direct me back to this post when I start getting all starry eyed in the lead up to the next school holidays.

The thing I’m looking forward to most about school going back next week? For five whole days a fortnight there will be no-one at home to barge in on me when I’m in the toilet (Miss Princess is off to kindy).

Did you survive the holidays? What’s your favourite thing about school going back?

Oopsiemumma xo


Top 10 memories from 2012 – haircuts, snowy adventures and missing dogs.


Do you remember this moment from 2012? I’m not sure I’ll ever forget it.

I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve 2012 already. Talk about a blink and you’ll miss it year.

Stretching my memory, which usually has issues with why I walked into a room, I’m going to magically recall the top 10 things that happened to our family this year:

1. Miss Princess got two unexpected haircuts. 

2. Mr Fix-It and I escaped the daily rut for two….did I mention TWO…blissful nights to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. There’s nothing quite as nice (oh okay, other than having two gorgeous kids), than sleeping through the night, waking up when your body tells you to not the get up with the birds three-year-old, eating when your hungry and eating at grown-up places.

3. Our family trip to Coffs Harbour. That place knows how to make families feel right at home.

4. Watching Master Sporty play soccer…I do actually love it.

5. A snowy trip with Bush Babe of Oz and her family. Such fun sliding slightly out of control down insanely steep snowy hills.

6. Two trips to Bush Babe’s cattle farm. Always lots of wine, chit-chat and fun to be had out there.

7. We spent more time camping, exploring new parts of our city and catching up with friends. Note to self: do more of this in 2013 it was fun.

8. Our gorgeous doggy Jukebox turned 10 and then gave us a health scare two days before Christmas. Luckily he’s all good, just expensive on the vet bill side of things this year.

9. One niece turned 1, another turned 18 (the one who was our flower girl and now makes me feel extremely old) and a newbie niece was born.

10. Coldplay came to our city…we had tickets. Say no more!

What  are you favourite memories from 2012?

Oopsiemumma xo

Am I too old for this?

Today I’m feeling every single bit of my 36 years on this planet.

I had no alcohol last night but look and feel like I have a MEGA hangover.

I got only slightly less sleep than usual but my eyes look like they’re hanging out of my head.

And I can feel everrrrry single muscle in my body.

Today I feel like I did this last night:

  • 5,000 lunges
  • 10,000 crunches
  • lifted 50kg weights over my head
  • drank three bottles of vodka
  • and didn’t sleep for a week.

What I did do last night is this:

  • Arrive at a concert 5 hours before the main band started.
  • Line up for two hours and screamed intermittently for no apparent reason.
  • Rush into a stadium, run down a dodgy set of stairs and find a great spot in the mosh pit….then stand there for three hours watching the crew set up, support acts and finally the main band came on.
  • Hold on to an urgent need to wee for 7 hours because moving out of our spot was out of the question.
  • Eat one iceblock so I didn’t pass out like the unfortunate girl in front of us (20 mins before Coldplay started…doh)
  • Danced almost non-stop for two hours, jumping up and down, wildly waving my arms in the air and screaming my lungs out.

I think I might be getting to old for this?!

But if I wasn’t in the mosh pit could I have gotten a photo this close?

Do you join the mosh pit crew or prefer to sit in comfort at a concert?

Oopsiemumma xo

The chaos that reigns at our house right now

A calm photo to keep me calm when I’m feeling a little out of control.

My name is Oopsiemumma and it has been 13 days since I last blogged….WHAT??!!

I think I just lost two weeks of my life and didn’t even realise it. Clearly the chaos that is Term 4 here in Australia has well and truly hit our household.

Master Sporty has less than three weeks left of school. Part of me is thrilled beyond belief that my twice daily commute across the city is coming to a close but the other part is having a breakdown of mammoth proportions that I’M NOT READY FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS YET!!

I have an advent calendar to make….I don’t know what I was thinking either.

I have Christmas Day and Boxing Day lunch to sort out…because naturally I’m such an awesome cook that I’m hosting both…LOL *insert shiver of horror*.

I have a massive box of school books and stationary about to land at my house any day now, and I have Miss Princess’s kindy stuff for next year to get on top of.

Of course, I recently gave away all of her cot sheets and what’s on the kindy list for next year? Yes, cot sheets. Grrr.

I have boxes and boxes of water bottles about to land at my front door too, that I then need to sort and pack for a school fundraiser.

I’m back at soccer trials with Master Sporty after he missed out on a place in his own Academy team. So just when I thought my soccer field days were slowing down, back we go to more nights spent swatting mozzies and hoping for the best.

I have an AGM report to write by tomorrow for the school’s Auxiliary team.

I have a list full of friends to catch up with before Christmas, why oh why do we always leave our friend catch-ups until the last-minute!!

I have a spare room full of  “stuff” that I’ve decided to start selling on Gumtree and Ebay, because I’m not busy enough.

And now I’m dealing with ridiculous people who want to buy my stuff but don’t want to pay the price…”and can you please deliver it to my house…on the other side of the city.” NO I CAN’T!!

And the icing on the cake?

Tomorrow I get to spend the entire day with 23 Year 3 students wandering around the city looking at Heritage buildings, catching trains, buses and ferries and trying my hardest not to lose any of them.

The teacher wants us to meet first thing in the morning to go over a risk assessment for the day.

So here’s my risk assessment:

  • The likelihood of me losing a child – HIGH
  • The likelihood of me losing my patience – HIGH
  • The likelihood of me getting lost myself – HIGH.

If you don’t hear from me again for another 13 days please send a rescue party to dig me out of this Term 4 chaos.

Oopsiemumma xo

Getting back to nature – relaxing the ‘natural’ way

Since our trip last weekend I’m finding that camping is growing on me.

I’ve always liked it, but never really hankered after going. Now I’m hankering. I can’t wait to book the next trip.

There’s just something about getting back to nature, waking up to beautiful views of paddocks and trees instead of houses and barking dogs.

It’s quite cheap therapy really.

There’s nothing quite like watching the kids playing on their bikes, making ramps, playing with sticks, and being able to ride a little out of their parents ever watchful sight without getting into trouble.

Why is that until you go camping you don’t sit back and appreciate the simple things in life, like talking with friends, watching the flames of the fire, cuddling the kids, making damper and cooking potatoes in the hot coals.

I’m so incredibly relaxed today that I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this next hectic week.

Where’s your favourite place to camp?

Our current favourite is Flanagan’s Reserve  (click here for my last blog on this awesome place) near Rathdowney.

The view from our camper trailer….nice!

Oopsiemumma xo

A bushy tale of snakes, cute calves and accidental vodka overdoses.

We’re all so different, I think that’s why we work so well. Love these girls xo

Every year, two of my city slicker friends join me on a pilgrimage to Bush Babe of Oz territory.

Every year this, not so little, journey to the bush brings some new experiences.

This year’s started off with a cracker.

I had barely arrived and sat down when Mr Incredible produced this!!!!

That, my friends, is a largish King Brown snake.

Just for the record I don’t do snakes.

And only days earlier I had stupidly gloated that in all my trips to Bush Babe’s I had only seen one snake and that one was on a road, while I was in the car,  a very safe distance from Bush Babe’s house.

THIS snake however wasn’t playing by the rules and was hanging out in the cattle yards nice and close to Bush Babe’s house. It was a nice and deadly type of snake, and did a nice slither right between Mr Incredible’s legs, sending him dancing around the cattle yard fences. My only regret is that I didn’t get to witness the “dance” with my own eyes.

Once I got over the fact that snakes DO actually live in the countryside I moved onto other adventures.

The first one was a drive through the paddocks…

…do you see the difference between our vehicles?  Guess which one is mine? Mine is for city driving, not bush bashing!

Then we hung out beside a peaceful little lake soaking in the windmills and what we could see of a beautiful flock of black  swans who of course were well out of our way and almost sight….naturally our kids found a dead pelican and were intrigued by death not life.

That afternoon bought lots of cute little calves to photograph, a poddy (rejected by its mumma) to play with and then a mummy calf to ‘fix’.

A cute frolicking calf that made me feel all bouncy.

“Fixing” the mumma was a little….errrr…gross.

Apparently cattle graziers are also obstetricians, not something I had thought about before nor felt that I needed to witness firsthand.

But I did.

Mr Incredible then thought chasing me around the cattle yards with cow afterbirth all over his arms was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S and that for my squeamish looks while the “operation” was going on I was made to hold the mumma cows tail. Ewwwww!

Mr Incredible – my therapy bill is in the mail.

Another day, brought more adventure,  there was the obligatory visit to the local township (some 40 minutes away) and the obligatory delicious pub lunch, and  then…of course.. letting our kids run like ferals down the main street making quite a spectacle of themselves.

City folk are embarrassing aren’t they?!

Then a trip to some caves which took  bush walking to a new, but fun and intriguing level.

Bush Babe’s dodgy knee didn’t think the mountainous decent was so awesome and my asthma wasn’t too fond of the dust…a country girl I am not.

But this bottle tree in the paddocks below was a beautiful reward for our little adventure trek.

Of course among all the adventure there was lots of playing and  swimming to be done by the kids, and lots of  wine to be drunk and chatting to be done by us girls.

I even learnt a thing or two on our trip away. I can’t drink wine (note: this isn’t what I learnt!)  because it plays up with some allergies, but I can drink pure spirits and my spirit of choice is vodka with lemonade and lime or lemon. Mr Fix-It is usually by barman but he wasn’t on this trip so I was left to my own devices.

On the first day of my country visit I poured myself a drink (in a wine glass, without measuring anything) and thought the room was spinning because I’d had a big day driving…it turns out I’d poured myself a 120ml vodka…I usually drink 15ml.

I was feeling super relaxed that night, even after seeing the scary snake, can’t imagine why?!

The farm adventure came and went way too fast, I’m already looking forward to the next one with my girly friends.

To read Bush Babe’s take on our visit click here. But don’t believe everything she says!

Oopsiemumma xo

Favourite Photo Friday – It’s bottled

I know, I know…I still haven’t managed to write a post about our trip to the bush, I’ve been a bit caught up in some fundraising I’m organising for Master Sporty’s school.

But look what I did for you, a photo of an awesomely HUGE bottle tree that we found on our bush trip. Gotta love the Aussie bush, it’s full of surprises.

Oopsiemumma xo

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